The Importance of a Good Logo

23 June, 2016

When your starting a new business your logo and company branding may not be at the top of your list. Yet it is the one thing you will have on all your customer facing media. It will be at the top of your website, on your vehicles, your emails, your stationary, your advertisements. So should you knock it up in five minutes? or should you invest time and expertise to get it right?

Image is Everything

Lets face it, us humans are shallow, we are incredibly visually orientated. You could have a fantastic product, never been done before, perfect for the mass market but if you do not market and package it right it will not be successful. Why? because it is not attractive enough to us shallow humans. If your competitor has a similar product that is not as good as yours but makes it look attractive people are more likely to choose looks over overall functionality.

The Power of a Brand

Every great brand has a great, instantly recognisable logo. The power of that logo can be the difference between a customer choosing your product. If you had two identical cars in front of you, one had an Audi badge and the other had a badge you had never seen before and you could pick one of the cars, which one would you choose? I’d bet 90% of us would choose the Audi because we know the brand and trust it. All from that logo.

Putting a Cost to a Logo

There is a perception that “You get what you pay for” and to a certain extent this is true. There are some extreme cases such as BP spending $4.6M on it’s colourful sunflower, is this really worth that amount? Compare that to the designer of the Nike Swoosh who got $35 and a gift of 500 shares (worth $150 at the time). Back in the small business world though a logo does not have to cost millions or even thousands but it does need time, effort and some investment to make sure you get it right.

If you pay a couple of hundred quid for a graphic designer to put together a choice of options and then rework your chosen design, I’d say this is a fair amount for a professionals time and your options.

Prioritise Your Logo

So hopefully you can now see why you should put effort into your logo, big companies spend big money and lots of hours getting theirs right for a reason.

When you start your new business or you want to give your current business a jump start make sure your logo/brand is at the top of your list.

Logo’s from JKE

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