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Web Design Pricing

19 March, 2019

Why is web design pricing so different from one company to another? This is something we notice on a weekly basis and a question we get asked a lot when... View Article

The Benefits of an SSL Certificate

28 April, 2018

Since Google started to say that secure sites would be given a ranking boost, although only a minor boost this has made lots of web hosting companies start to push... View Article

Quick Page load Speed

3 April, 2018

Page load speed can very easily be forgotten when a website is being built and delivered. It is something that the customer may not notice after they have viewed the... View Article

Technology Future Predictions

3 January, 2017

Technology moves at such a fast pace it is difficult to keep up, we take a look at where we have come from and where we are heading. In 1998,... View Article

Template vs Bespoke Web Design

7 December, 2016

For newcomers to web design or those needing a first website for a new business there is a lot of jargon out there which can be very confusing. Today we... View Article

What is Web Hosting

27 November, 2016

If you are a new business looking for a website or in the past have let your web designer look after everything for you web hosting is probably something you... View Article

How Much Should a Website Cost

13 October, 2016

Where Are The Prices? It is the question every business wants to know and it is the one thing you very rarely find on a web design companies website. Is... View Article

Responsive Website Design

23 July, 2016

JKE creates responsive websites as standard at no extra cost to our clients. This is a decision we took to improve our service when the benefits of this suit your... View Article