Quick Page load Speed

3 April, 2018

Page load speed can very easily be forgotten when a website is being built and delivered. It is something that the customer may not notice after they have viewed the site numerous times and the website has cached in their browser to make the load speed seem quick.

It is very easy for a developer to put page load speed to the back of the queue when they are trying to make a great looking website full of functionality which the customer loves. A good designer should be educating the customer to ensure that the correct balance is struck between design and usability.


First Impressions

The first impression a visitor has is how quickly the website loads. Visitors are impatient, they want to tap and two seconds later have a website to read. If the website appears quickly it is then down to the design to capture the visitors interest and generate a conversion.

How many websites have you tried to open on your mobile and gone back because it was too slow to load? You can have a great looking and functional website but if it does not load quick enough you will not even get visitors to view your business.

Page load speed is also a factor in search engine rankings, Google has a page speed test page which is a clear indication that this is an important element.

When we build a website we are looking at every element to ensure that the final design is not only attractive and easy to use but that it is quick to load on all devices.


Not Just the Code

A big factor in the speed of your website is controlled by the servers that it is hosted on. It is important that your web designer not only has the understanding to create an attractive and light website but they also host the website on a quality server platform.

We work hard to ensure that we use the best hosting server technology and have recently deployed improvements to all our servers to ensure they load as quickly as possible. Our improvements have optimised compression of website content improving both the load time and reducing the bandwidth usage.

page load speed

Achieving a load speed time of under 2 seconds gives your website an excellent chance of converting visitors. If you would like a free assessment of your website performance, if you are looking for a fast new website or you are not happy with the hosting and current speed of your existing website Contact Us today.